A good [drone company] name is to be valued.

I’ve been doing research for one of my 333 petition clients and came across some interesting findings I want to share with everyone. It seems to me that there are only about 15 words and everyone basically mixes up those 15 words (think Scrabble), picks a few of them, and puts them together to create a company name. The big problem is your customers are going to get the names confused and potentially send referrals to the wrong company or competitor! Seriously, almost all the drone companies have one of these words in them: solutions, aerial, view, unmanned, drone, UAS, UAV, technology, vision, aero, services, hawk, fly, eagle, sky, bird, eye, media, cine, picture, cam, film, precision, etc.


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Here is a perfect example of why you want to do research before picking a name.

I found 333 petitions for:

  • Skyview Aerial Solutions, LLC
  • Sky-View Aerial Services LLC
  • Skyview Films, LLC
  • SkyView Innovation Technology
  • Richard Boyle d/b/a Sky Eye View
  • SkyView Photoworks
  • GPS Development, LLC dba SkyViewHD
  • Skyview Media Productions, LLC

This is also an important lesson on why you need to do research before starting a company. Proverbs 19:2 says, “Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.” Anyone interested in starting a business should learn more about trademarks. Want to learn more about trademarks? Great! The United States Patent and Trademark Office created some helpful videos on this area. These videos are great to watch during your lunch break.


Safe Skies Guys!

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