Commercial Drone Law for Film & TV Production

Note: The FAA just recently changed (3/7/2016) some of the language on their exemptions so this presentation is about 95% accurate.

Are you interested in using commercial drones in TV/movie production?  This video is specifically geared to the TV/movie production industry.

You’ll learn:

  • How do people or companies commercially operate drones?
  • Why do I need a Section 333 Exemption?
  • What are some of the restrictions in a Section 333 Exemption?
  • Myths that put production companies at risk.
  • Common myths surrounding the Section 333 exemptions.
  • Things you can NOT do under a Section 333 exemption and your Blanket COA.
  • Curent federal enforcement from the FAA and other agencies as well as state and local law enforcement.
  • Tips on vetting drone companies to making sure they are in complaince with what the FAA says.
  • The FAA’s future proposed commercial drone rules.
  • Operations that will NOT be allowed under the future proposed commercial drone rules.

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