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Rupprecht Law, P.A. is located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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Here are seven ways you can access my training, knowledge, & experience. They are ordered from those that require the least investment to the most.

  1. Search my website (FREE!) I have written many articles on various drone topics. Use the search box on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter. (FREE!) I set the newsletter up to educate people. It has different paths that are carefully crafted to best serve your interests with topics relating to your needs (starting a drone business, studying for the Part 107 remote pilot exam, running a drone operation, etc.). You can sign up for my newsletter here.
  3. Buy one of the courses I created.  We have multiple online videos courses over at
  4. Hire me for a road-mapping session. We can schedule a 30-minute consultation for $200 where we can brainstorm positioning your business to be legal and profitable. Are you new to the industry and are trying to figure out how drones integrate into your business? A consultation can help you make the right choices for your business.
  5. Hire me to answer questions. The internet is full of erroneous and unlawful information. Do you need information quickly that is reliable? You can purchase my time in blocks of 30 minutes ($200) where you can ask me multiple questions. For larger projects, we can work on an hourly basis. I also do some authorizations/waivers for a fixed price. See here for more details.
  6. Hire me to file an authorization, waiver, exemption. You might have multiple questions regarding this area. I highly suggest you take the time to carefully read over my FAQ page.
  7. Book me as a speaker. I have spoken at many conferences. (See the list of the conferences). If you would like me to speak at your event (in person, via Skype, via a recording), contact me using the form below.