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Previous Regulation—Back to Drone Regulations Directory—Next Regulation Flying over non-participating people is currently prohibited by the FAA with regulations 107.39.  There are waivers that have been given to allow applicant to fly over people in certain circumstances.  If you search the directory of waivers that have been issued, you’ll notice that there have not been […]

The FAA released Part 107 on Tuesday, June 21, 2016. Part 107 provides for individuals to obtain their “Remote Pilot Certificate” which is what you need if you want to fly your drone commercially. Part 107 will provide a certificate as well as operating rules for drone operators who do not fall into recreational drone […]

I thought I should write an article to educate individuals on one of the lesser known regulations regarding flying drones and drinking. This article will address first the commercial drone operators and then the recreational drone or model aircraft operators. The FAA is really focused on preventing people from droning under the influence of either alcohol […]

Previous Regulation—Back to Drone Regulations Directory—Next Regulation Section 107.51 is this section that looks like the FAA just gathered what was left and threw it all into. It deals with speed, altitude, visibility, and cloud distances. For many, this regulation is not a problem but it does get problematic when you need to obtain a […]

If you are wanting to become a remote pilot, you need to know what is in the Remote Pilot Airmen Certification Standards (ACS). What Are the Airmen Certification Standards (ACS)? An ACS is a “comprehensive presentation that integrates the standards for what an applicant needs to know, consider, and do in order to pass both […]

Interested in drone laws? It can be a pain to try and figure out what is applicable. That is why I created this page! :) Where NOT to Look for Help With Drone Laws Here is a tip, stay away from Facebook or anyone else who is a newbie to aviation. They tend to waste […]

  Needing a Part 107 study guide to help really focus in on what needs to be studied so you can pass on the first try? I created this free Part 107 test study guide to help my clients and the drone community based upon my experience as a FAA certificated flight instructor and aviation attorney.  […]

Interested in learning about drone lawsuits? I have compiled the various drone lawsuits/litigation/prosecutions into the list below. There has been a wide range of drone-related cases in the last couple of years ranging from flamethrowers mounted on drones to a drone crashing into a wedding guest.  I’m going to refer them collectively as drone lawsuits. […]

The Saudi Press Agency announced on 5/14/2019 between 6-6:30 AM “two pump stations on the East-West pipeline were attacked by armed drones which caused a fire and minor damage to Pump Station No. 8. The fire has since been contained. The pipeline transports Saudi oil from the Eastern Province to Yanbu port. Saudi Aramco has […]

Are you interested in learning about the current U.S. recreational drone laws?  On May 17, 2019, the FAA started implementing Section 349 and 350 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. On May 31, 2019, the FAA published Advisory Circular 91-57B which cancelled AC 91-57A and brought everything up-to-date. You need to throw out what […]