Iowa Drone Laws from Attorney & Pilot

NOTICE: This article is for information purposes only!  This article is ONLY for state laws that are DRONE specific. Local laws and “aircraft” related laws could potentially apply and were outside of the focus of this article. It might NOT be up to date. You should seek out a competent attorney licensed in the state you are interested in before operating.

Researching? I created a page on Drone Laws(federal, state, & international) and another on only US drone laws by state.

 Current as of February 21, 2017

Iowa Code 808.15 Unmanned aerial vehicle — information — admissibility.

Information obtained as a result of the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle is not admissible as evidence in a criminal or civil proceeding, unless the information is obtained pursuant to the authority of a search warrant, or unless the information is otherwise obtained in a manner that is consistent with state and federal law.

Iowa Code 321.492B Use of unmanned aerial vehicle for traffic law enforcement prohibited.

The state or a political subdivision of the state shall not use an unmanned aerial vehicle for traffic law enforcement.

Iowa House Bill 2289 was passed and said,

The department of public safety, in consultation with the attorney general, state and local agencies, and other interested organizations, including but not limited to organizations with expertise in unmanned aerial vehicle technology, shall examine whether the Iowa criminal code should be modified to regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, shall develop model guidelines for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, and shall report such guidelines to the general assembly no later than December 31, 2014.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety published this report in December 2014.