No, Part 107 Does Not Fix Everything.

The FAA released Part 107 on June 21, 2016.  This post is part of an overall series on Part 107.


Will Part 107 fix all my problems?

Many people mistakenly believe that Part 107 is the answer to all their needs. This is not true as there are certain types of operations that are not covered under Part 107 which leaves individuals, businesses, public agencies to turn to other means of getting the aircraft’s flight authorized such as a waiver, a Section 333 exemption, a Public COA, or a Special Airworthiness Certificate and COA.

Part 107 ALONE does NOT cover:

  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight
    • Power line inspections in those really remote areas
    • SAR
    • Firefighting
  • Night Operations
    • SAR at night.
    • Firefighting at night.
    • Inspections using thermal equipment in hot environments where the best use is in the evenings and night.
    • Cinematography for tv/movie scene at night.
    • Inspections on critical time/sensitive material (example: turbidity monitoring for dredging operations) that need to be monitored 24/7.
    • Sports at night.
  • 55 pounds and heavier
    • Large package delivery
    • Crop dusting
    • Firefighting retardant delivery
    • High-end LIDAR to monitor crops such as lumber. The LIDAR is used to detect the diameter of the wood so the loggers know which forest to harvest first.
    • Cinematography (Dual Red Epics for 3d filming or full Arri Alexa with lens and large stack of batteries for extra flight time.)
  • 400ft and higher, unless you stay within 400ft of the building.
  • 100 mph and faster
    • Survey large areas fast
    • Fast package/medical delivery
  • Operation Over Persons
    • Concerts
    • Live News Events
    • Sports
  • Operations from a moving vehicle over populated areas.


So if you are currently thinking these areas could be potentially beneficial, I would suggest looking into getting approvals for these types of operations because when the competition floods into the market after Part 107 becomes final, these areas will be more profitable. Contact me if you are interested in more information.

As always guys, stay safe and when choosing an attorney, don’t hire a poser – hire a pilot.

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