Pennsylvania Drone Laws from Attorney & Pilot (2017)

NOTICE: This article is for information purposes only!  This article is ONLY for state laws that are DRONE specific. Local laws and “aircraft” related laws could potentially apply and were outside of the focus of this article. It might NOT be up to date. You should seek out a competent attorney licensed in the state you are interested in before operating.

Researching? I created a page on Drone Laws(federal, state, & international) and another on only US drone laws by state.

 Current as of February 21, 2017

As of the writing of this article, there have been no Pennsylvania drone laws created at the state level.

There are currently two proposed bills and there have been two previously filed bills which have failed to pass.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources created a management policy for drones in the state parks. The bureau may grant permits for drone use at designated flying sites at Beltzville State Park, Benjamin Rush State Park, Hillman State Park, Lackawanna State Park, Prompton State Park, and Tuscarora State Park; however, drone use at other state parks or outside of the designated flying sites at the 6 six parks listed above is not allowed.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation created a UAS page.

Remember this is Pennsylvania state law and that the counties, cities, towns, etc. could have their own drone laws that are not discussed here.

Additionally, there may be aviation laws already on the books which were originally created for manned aircraft but could be interpreted to apply to drones. I did not do a search of the existing aviation laws, only for drone specific laws.

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