Drone Law Services

Rupprecht Law, P.A. is a boutique law firm that practices in the area of aviation law with a focus on drones. Rupprecht Law currently advises a wide variety of companies interested in using drone technology, from small start-ups to companies that generate revenue in the billions of dollars per year. Additionally, Rupprecht Law works with other certified aviation professionals to provide the best service and results to clients.

Aviation Law Services:

  • Applying for a Part 107 Waiver. 

    Are you interested in one of the multiple waivers listed here?  I can help with some of them. Please see my in-depth FAQ post on waivers and authorizations.

  • Applying for a Certificate of Waiver / Authorization (COA). 

    Commercial drone operators operating outside of Part 107 as well as government agencies operating drones both need COAs according to the FAA. Also, sometimes operators need greater flexibility than what their current COAs provide. Rupprecht Law, P.A. can assist in the amendment of COAs.

  • Petitioning for a Section 333 Exemption for Commercial Drone Operations. 

    In July 2016, the FESSA changed what is allowed under the Section 333 exemptions. While Part 107 replaced the need for many of the 333 operations, there are very good reasons to have a Section 333 exemption going into the future.

  • Outside Counsel. 

    Are your attorneys wasting too much time trying to figure out how to navigate the Federal Aviation Regulations? Rupprecht Law, P.A. can help assist your general counsel to get through difficult problems because the firm specifically focuses on aviation and drone law. Your legal counsel can get accurate answers to the many details and complexities of this area with Rupprecht Law, P.A.’s advice.

  • Federal Aviation Regulation and FAA Guidance Compliance. 

    Do you have general questions about whether you can do a certain type of operation?

  • Setting-up Drone Enterprise Operations inside a Company. 

    Developing the manuals to scale out a nationwide program is an important task.  Rupprecht Law, P.A. is currently working with companies now on concepts of operations, putting those concepts in a manual, and then integrating those manuals into employee flight instruction operations.

  • Defense in FAA Enforcement Actions. 

    Sometimes the FAA chooses to start an investigation against unauthorized commercial drone operations or there is a violation of the regulations or exemption restrictions. If this is the case, please contact the firm for assistance.

  • Assisting a Criminal Defense Attorney in a State Law Related Drone Prosecution.

    The states, towns, and counties are all starting to create drone laws which causes all sorts of problems. Many of the arrests that are done under state law have to do with apparent violations of the federal aviation regulations. I can assist your local criminal defense attorney in preparing the best defense for you by helping him to understand what is and what is not the federal aviation law.

  • Drone Operator Vetting. 

    Are you interested in hiring a drone operator or in developing a program on how to evaluate drone operators for your company?

  • Temporary Flight Restrictions. 

    Are you needing to fly in a Temporary Flight Restriction? Rupprecht Law, P.A. can assist in obtaining waivers to operate within TFRs.

  • Helping Government Agencies Obtain a Public COA. 

    This can include drafting and seeking approval of a public aircraft operator declaration letter, filing the COA application through the portal, or providing guidance on whether proposed operations fall within public aircraft operations.

  • Assistance in Registering the Drones with the FAA via the Part 47 Paper-Based Method.

    While many operations will continue to use the Part 48 electronic method of registration, not all aircraft operations can register via Part 48 and must register via Part 47. This process can be difficult for some individuals, but not if you use Rupprecht Law, P.A.

  • Other. 

    The firm gets all sorts of “odd-ball” types of questions relating to drones and law. If you have a legal question regarding drones, contact me.

Now that you know what we can do, ASK! You can contact me so you can be safe, profitable, and legal.