So what is Rupprecht Law about?

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where can I find reliable information on the drone industry?"  If so, you're in the correct place. 

Rupprecht Law is where professionals in the drone industry look to really understand the issues I write on.

My insightful articles are why people from the Federal Aviation Administration, many Fortune 500 companies, and leading universities all subscribe to my newsletter.

10 Years a Flight Instructor

I'm an FAA certificated commercial pilot (airplane single and multi-engine land). I'm also an FAA certificated flight instructor for airplanes and instruments. I first started flight instructing at a school training students with the end goal of going to an airlines.

Drone Lawyer

I'm a Florida Barred attorney that focuses only on unmanned aircraft. I'm also admitted to the U.S. Federal District Courts of the Southern District of Florida and the Middle District of Florida.


Jonathan obtained a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Magna Cum Laude,.  ERAU is an extremely aviation focused school with multiple astronauts as alumni. I obtained my Juris Doctor from Florida International University School of Law.

Jonathan has made numerous media appearances on the topic of drones such as New York Times, Newsweek, Politico, Forbes, Popular Mechanics, Inc., and more. His legal analysis of drones has been sought after by major media networks and drone industry-specific media. Not only have the networks reached out to him for his analysis, they have cited his legal works when reporting on major drone-related stories.   If you are media and are interested in interviewing Jonathan, please contact him.

109 Night Waivers Approved

I have had only 1 night waiver rejection ever (but he received his night waiver approval about a month later). 

90%+ Waiver Passage Rate

Waivers are tough to obtain. The FAA has pretty brutal rejection rates. The FAA's data shows that between 1/6/18 to 4/30/19,  rejection rates were for night waivers around 80%, over people waivers were 99%, and beyond line of sight waivers were 98.5%.

53 Certificates of Authorization Approved

I've done a wide assortment of these from the usual run of the mill boring COAs all the way to right off the end of a runway of a major Class B airport.

51 Exemptions Granted

This is a mixture of plain Part 11 exemptions along with some of the Section 333 Exemptions (now called Section 44807 Exemptions).

5 Agricultural Aircraft Operating Certificates

Anyone who wants to do agricultural aircraft operations (pesticide spraying, pollen dropping on orchards, fire fighting chemical dropping, etc.) will need this certificate. I've assisted 5 clients in obtaining a certificate.

10 Drone Spraying Exemptions Granted

These exemptions are for those wanting to use drones for spraying herbicides, pesticides, etc.

6 Lawsuits

I've been involved as an attorney in some of the more high-profile cases such as the Taylor v. Huerta cases and the Singer v. City of Netwon case.

13 FAA Investigations

I've assisted 13 clients on the receiving end of FAA investigations for multiple violations.

Prior to graduating law school, Jonathan did research on Japan's integration of unmanned aircraft. From that research, Jonathan authored a book on the law in the United States pertaining to unmanned aircraft called Drones: Their Many Civilian Uses and the U.S. Laws Surrounding Them.  The first book led into him being requested to be a co-author on an American Bar Association book, while still in law school, called Unmanned Aircraft in the National Airspace: Critical Issues, Technology, and the Law.  Jonathan wrote on administrative law, the FAA rule making process, and the special rule on unmanned aircraft. This book is in the Harvard Law School Library.