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Table of Contents Quick Summary of LAANC: Who Benefits from LAANC?  So What Cannot be Submitted via LAANC?   Am I Forced to File Via LAANC for Non-Complex Operations? What Companies Are UAS Service Suppliers? How Many Airports Will Participate in LAANC?  What States Have The Participating Airports?  Problems I See With This Whole Situation:  How […]

Many have been talking about the FAA’s drone sightings reports. We have constantly seen in the news the reports. Others in the industry cite the drone sightings as evidence of the greater need for the government(s) to do something by creating regulations. Some counter-drone companies have used it to show a need for their product.  […]

Previous Regulation—Back to Drone Regulations Directory—Next Regulation Section 107.65 Aeronautical knowledge recency. A person may not operate a small unmanned aircraft system unless that person has completed one of the following, within the previous 24 calendar months: (a) Passed an initial aeronautical knowledge test covering the areas of knowledge specified in §107.73(a); (b) Passed a recurrent […]

Interested in obtaining a Part 107 night waiver to fly your drone at night? This article will dive into why you want a night waiver, some of the benefits of a night waiver, the different definitions of night, and what is legally required to fly at night. To start off, this article is focusing on […]

Previous Regulation—Back to Drone Regulations Directory—Next Regulation Section 107.41 Operation in certain airspace. The regulation says, “No person may operate a small unmanned aircraft in Class B, Class C, or Class D airspace or within the lateral boundaries of the surface area of Class E airspace designated for an airport unless that person has prior […]

What happens if you crash your drone into a person, yourself, or something expensive? No, seriously. Think about it. You most likely right now are wondering about how to obtain your drone license, finding jobs, running your drone operation, etc. But seriously. Are you protected? Do you have enough money to cover the costs of […]

“Is my flying going to break some drone regulation and get me fined or sent to jail?” We’ve all thought that. We all get the drone as a gift, something to play with, or maybe so we can use it for business. We start flying it. We have lots of fun. But eventually, we ask […]

Do one of the following drone logbook statements accurate describe you? “What does the FAA want me to log? I don’t want to get in trouble.” “Where do I log it?” “Should I do paper or electronic?” “I’m confused with all the different terms.” If any of the above describe you, you are in the […]

Section 107.31 limits how far an aircraft can fly from the remote pilot in command. The distance is NOT set in stone. The distance changes depending on multiple factors. To understand what affects the distances, we need to understand the regulation. Section 107.31 says: “(a) With vision that is unaided by any device other than […]

“So when can I start ordering stuff off Amazon and get it delivered to my front door via drone delivery?” It would be sweet to order stuff online and get it dropped off quickly. But are there any problems holding drone delivery up? I’m going to briefly discuss some of the background to this drone […]