Drone Training Resources for Drone STEM Education or a Drone Flight School.

This article is continually growing as I find more and more resources for drone educators and drone flight schools. If you know of good resources (books, kits, videos, articles, etc.) PLEASE contact me and I will check them out. If it is your own product, don’t contact me.

Rupprecht Drones Online Video Courses with Quizzes

  • Online video courses with test questions designed to be inch wide mile deep on particular topics. No skimming over issues. We are constantly working on courses. Sign up to access some of the video lessons for free. https://www.rupprechtdrones.com/

First Responder, Search & Rescue, etc.


Surveying & Mapping


Drone Forensics

Drone and R/C Aircraft Basics

Training Drones

Aeronautical Stuff