section 107.2 Applicability of certification procedures for products and articles.

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Actual Text of Section 107.2

§  107.2 Applicability of certification procedures for products and articles.

The provisions of part 21 of this chapter do not apply to small unmanned aircraft systems operated under this part unless the small unmanned aircraft system will operate over human beings in accordance with § 107.140.

FAA’s Discussion on Section 107.2 Applicability of certification procedures for products and articles from the Preamble of:

2021 Final Rule Amending 2016’s Final Rule

The Agency agrees with the commenters that demonstrable reliability should be an alternative path for operations over people. This rule includes several updates to regulatory text to allow aircraft with airworthiness certification to operate under part 107 and to be eligible to operate over people. This rule also removes the phrase, “[e]xcept for aircraft subject to the provisions of part 107” from § 21.1, to clarify small UAS may seek airworthiness certification even if part 107 applies to the intended aircraft operation. This final rule includes a new provision, § 107.2, which clarifies that, notwithstanding the change to § 21.1, small unmanned aircraft operating under part 107 are not required to obtain airworthiness certification. Except where the airworthiness certification is used as a basis for operating over people in accordance with Category 4, the provisions of part 21 will continue to be inapplicable to small unmanned aircraft subject to part 107. This final rule also revises § 107.1 to clarify that part 107 does not apply to any operation that an operator elects to conduct under part 91 with a small unmanned aircraft that has been issued an airworthiness certificate: an operator may conduct small unmanned aircraft operations under either part 107 or part 91 when the operation and small unmanned aircraft meet the applicable requirements.