Part 107 Waiver Examples Created by the FAA

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Need some Part 107 waiver examples you can study to try and obtain a Part 107 waiver? How about some created by the Federal Aviation Administration?

I’ve successfully done 100+ waivers and I always found it a pain to identify what the FAA wants, what hazards there are for a particular operation, and what are sufficient mitigations for those hazards identified.

But hopefully this article will get you closer to a touchdown. :)

Why did the FAA create these Part 107 sample waiver applications?

So if you have ever attempted a waiver, you’ll know it is playing the “bring me a rock” game. This is how it goes.

You bring a rock to the FAA. The FAA says, “No, I wanted the white one.”

You bring a white one. They say, “I want the speckled white one.”

You yell,  “why in the world did you not tell me you wanted it speckled the first time!”

So you go and get a speckled white rock and bring it to the FAA, but… guessed it…..they have further specifications you were not made aware of.

Everyone was/is tired of this.

So Section 352 was included into the 2018 Reauthorization Act that required the FAA to publish representative samples of applications. I have those examples below with some additional commentary on each page.

But before you just copy-paste the waiver applications below, the FAA has not really put out good examples.

The samples below do not include everything you include with your application. The samples below are really just a sample answering some specific questions the FAA wants you to answer for a specific waiver. There are questions of general applicability the FAA wants ALL waiver applications to answer. You can find that information here.

Please note, I do not have samples below for 107.29 (night operations), 107.39 (over people operations) because the law just changed. The previous FAA examples were for the older law and would provide little to no benefit to you currently.  Also, the FAA never provided a 107.41 waiver example.

If you need help obtaining one of these waivers, contact me. :)

Part 107 Waiver Examples

  1. Sample 107.25 Waiver Application to operate a drone from a moving vehicle or aircraft.
  2. Sample 107.31 Beyond Line of Sight Waiver Application
  3. Sample 107.33 Visual Observer Waiver Application
  4. Sample 107.35 Waiver Application (Swarming Drones)
  5. Sample 107.51(a) Waiver Application for Operating 100+ MPH
  6. Sample 107.51(b) Waiver Application to Fly Over 400ft AGL
  7. Sample 107.51(c) Waiver Application to Fly in Reduced Visibility
  8. Sample 107.51(d) Waiver Application (Flying Close to Clouds)