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Drone Sabotage on Saudi Pipeline Facility Raises Concerns

The Saudi Press Agency announced on 5/14/2019 between 6-6:30 AM "two pump stations on the East-West pipeline were attacked by armed drones which…
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Proposed Drone Regulations Allow Waiverless Flying Over-People and Night Operations

The Department of Transportation made three major announcements that will be an advancement for the commercial drone industry: (1) proposed regulations to allow…
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Counter-Drone Law & Technology: We Need a Comprehensive Game Plan.

The Gatwick Airport drone incident has caused us to see the need for counter-drone technology, but while most commentary is focusing on only…
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Uber’s Drone Delivery Problems (Law & Economics)

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that Uber put up a job posting for an executive position at UberExpress, the drone delivery operation…
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