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Drones & FAA Modernization Reform Act of 2012 (FMRA)(PL 112–95)

Subtitle B—Unmanned Aircraft Systems SEC. 331. DEFINITIONS. In this subtitle, the following definitions apply: (1) ARCTIC.—The term ‘‘Arctic’’ means the United States zone of the Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea, and Bering Sea north of the Aleutian chain. (2) CERTIFICATE OF WAIVER; CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION.—The terms ‘‘certificate of waiver’’ and ‘‘certificate of authorization’’ mean a Federal… Read More »

107.5 Falsification, reproduction or alteration.

Previous Regulation—-Back to Drone Regulations Directory—-Next Regulation § 107.5 Falsification, reproduction or alteration. (a) No person may make or cause to be made— (1) Any fraudulent or intentionally false record or report that is required to be made, kept, or used to show compliance with any requirement under this part. (2) Any reproduction or alteration,… Read More »

Railroad Drones (Uses, Legal Issues, Solutions, etc.)

  Interested in integrating drones into your railroad company or service provider company? This video is designed specifically for you. It will cover: (1) where we currently are with the law, (2) where we are going, (3) railroad specific use cases and their problems, (4) important questions that need answering regarding integrating drones into companies,… Read More »