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Drone Mapping and Unlicensed Land Surveying Lawsuit

The Plaintiff offered certain types of services (for example, “weekly flyovers of the developer’s property, capture images, stitch the images together using computer software, and provide [developer] with an updated orthomosaic picture of his property”) that the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors considered unlicensed surveying. The Board told the Plaintiff to… Read More »

Drone Lawsuits & Litigation Database [2021 Edition]

Interested in learning about drone lawsuits? I have compiled the various drone lawsuits/litigation/prosecutions into the list below. There has been a wide range of drone-related cases in the last couple of years ranging from flamethrowers mounted on drones to a drone crashing into a wedding guest.  I’m going to refer them collectively as drone lawsuits.… Read More »

Long Lake Township v. Maxon (4th Amendment & Drones)

Long Lake Township hired a drone company to take pictures of the Maxon’s property to establish that the property was an illegal salvage yard. Long Lake Township filed a civil action against the Maxon’s and used photographs gathered from the drone as evidence. The Maxon’s moved to suppress the drone photographs as violating the 4th… Read More »