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Drone Sprayers: Laws, Mistakes to Avoid, Money Saving Tips (2024 Update)

Interested in drone sprayers? This article is written for three groups of people: (1) finding and hiring a drone spraying operator, (2) purchasing and operating drone sprayers themselves privately or commercially, and (3) manufacturers or resellers supporting (1) and (2). Drones are really just aerial platforms from which to do things. Most people associate drones… Read More »

Ultimate Guide to Drone Laws (Written by a Lawyer)

Interested in drone laws? It can be a pain to try and figure out what is applicable. That is why I created this page! I’m a drone lawyer. I wrote this page to specifically help drone flyers. :) Where NOT to Look for Help With Drone Laws Here is a tip, stay away from Facebook… Read More »

Ultimate Guide to Drone In A Box Ops(Laws, Tips, Lists, Problems, Companies)

Interested in drone in a box operations? There are many questions surrounding this area such as: How does drone in a box work? What companies sell drone in a box solutions? What if the manufacturer of my drone doesn’t make a drone docking station? Are there any after-market boxes for my drone? What should I… Read More »

Drone Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) Ops: Problems, Laws, Tips, Lists

Beyond line of sight drone operations provide great time, cost, and life-saving benefits. However, there are legal issues with flying these types of missions as well as important considerations that operators and pilots should plan for when setting up and conducting beyond line of sight drone flights. People frequently ask: What laws apply to beyond… Read More »