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Drone Light Shows: Companies, Costs, Laws, Problems, Benefits, 107.35 Waiver

Are you interested about drone light shows? In this article we will discuss the benefits, the limitations, the costs (including what influences higher prices), tips on finding a drone light show provider, and how to start a drone light show business. If you are interested in hiring me to help you obtain a drone light… Read More »

Drone Sprayers: Uses, Laws, & Money Saving Tips (2022)

Interested in drone sprayers? This article is written for three groups of people: (1) finding and hiring a drone spraying operator, (2) purchasing and operating drone sprayers themselves privately or commercially, and (3) manufacturers or resellers supporting (1) and (2). Drones are really just aerial platforms from which to do things. Most people associate drones… Read More »

Part 107 Waiver Examples Created by the FAA [2021 Edition]

Need some Part 107 waiver examples you can study to try and obtain a Part 107 waiver? How about some created by the Federal Aviation Administration? I’ve successfully done 100+ waivers and I always found it a pain to identify what the FAA wants, what hazards there are for a particular operation, and what are… Read More »

Ultimate Drone Logbook Guide (Law, Reviews, etc.)

Do one of the following drone logbook statements accurate describe you? “What does the FAA want me to log? I don’t want to get in trouble.” “Where do I log it?” “Should I do paper or electronic?” “I’m confused with all the different terms.” If any of the above describe you, you are in the… Read More »