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Section 107.65 Aeronautical knowledge recency. (2020)

Previous Regulation—Back to Drone Regulations Directory—Next Regulation Table of Contents Section 107.65 Aeronautical knowledge recency. My Commentary on Section 107.65 Aeronautical knowledge recency. Currency (Every 24 Months You Have to Prove Your Aeronautical Knowledge) Does your remote pilot certificate expire? How do I check if someone else is current? Should I bring along my knowledge test with… Read More »

Drone Sprayers: Uses, Laws, & Money Saving Tips (2020)

Interested in buying or using a drone sprayer? IMPORTANT:Before you buy one of these flying sprayers, read the part of this article talking about how the law affects the economics of your operations. I’ve had phone calls with people who purchased spray drones to later realize they purchased a spray drone NOT efficient for their… Read More »

Ultimate Guide to Drone Laws [2020] Written by a Lawyer

Interested in drone laws? It can be a pain to try and figure out what is applicable. That is why I created this page! :) Where NOT to Look for Help With Drone Laws Here is a tip, stay away from Facebook or anyone else who is a newbie to aviation. They tend to waste… Read More »

How to Get a Commercial Drone License by Lawyer & Pilot – [2020]

Are you interested in obtaining your “commercial drone license” so you can make some money or fly for your job?” If so, you are in the right place. This page is the ultimate guide to obtaining your commercial drone license which has been called all sorts of things such as a remote pilot certificate, commercial drone… Read More »

FAA’s LAANC System-(Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability)

Table of Contents Quick Summary of LAANC: Who Benefits from LAANC?  So What Cannot be Submitted via LAANC?   Am I Forced to File Via LAANC for Non-Complex Operations? What Companies Are UAS Service Suppliers? How Many Airports Will Participate in LAANC?  What States Have The Participating Airports?  Problems I See With This Whole Situation:  How… Read More »