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What Do I Do After I Crash My Drone?

If you crashed a drone, there are reporting requirements. Below we will discuss the reporting requirements you make to the FAA and the reporting requirements you make to the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) following a drone crash. 1. Quick Summary of Info You can contact the NTSB’s 24-hour Response Operations Center (ROC) at 844-373-9922… Read More »

FAA Part 107 Test Questions (72 Test Questions Explained) [2021]

Interested in finding some practice FAA Part 107 test questions to help study? Tired of finding out-of-date material that hasn’t been updated for the new regulatory changes? This article will discuss the 72 sample Part 107 knowledge test questions based upon my knowledge as a practicing aviation attorney and current FAA certificated flight instructor. Yes,… Read More »

How to Get a Drone License: Tips to Save Time & Money [2021]

Are you interested in obtaining your “drone license” so you can fly your drone and not get in trouble? Are you tired of reading articles written by people with little to no experience in aviation and just want to have an experienced professional tell you what to do? If so, you are in the right… Read More »