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Don’t Drink and Drone – FAA Regulations on Drones & Alcohol

I thought I should write an article to educate individuals on one of the lesser known regulations regarding flying drones and drinking. This article…
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Section 107.51 Operating limitations for small unmanned aircraft.

Previous Regulation---Back to Drone Regulations Directory---Next Regulation Section 107.51 is this section that looks like the FAA just gathered what was left and…
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Remote Pilot Airmen Certification Standards Explained (2019)

If you are wanting to become a remote pilot, you need to know what is in the Remote Pilot Airmen Certification Standards (ACS).…
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Ultimate Guide to Drone Laws [2019] Written by a Lawyer

Interested in drone laws? It can be a pain to try and figure out what is applicable. That is why I created this…
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Free Part 107 Test Study Guide For FAA Remote Pilot Airmen Certificate (Updated 2019)

  Needing a Part 107 study guide to help really focus in on what needs to be studied so you can pass on…
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Drone Sprayers: Uses, Laws, & Tips to Save Money (2019)

Interested in buying or using a drone sprayer? Drones are really just aerial platforms from which to do things. Most people associate drones…
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Section 107.73 Initial and recurrent knowledge test. (2019)

Are you interested in the Part 107 initial or recurrent knowledge test? In this article we will discuss (1) the Part 107 initial…
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FAA Part 107 Test Questions (65 Questions Explained) [2019]

Interested in finding some practice FAA Part 107 test questions to help study? This article will discuss the 65 sample Part 107 knowledge…
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FAA Part 107 Waiver (COW)– What Drone Pilots Need to Know

Are you interested in learning more about the FAA Part 107 waiver? Waivers are essential to allowing unique operations to get airborne in…
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How to Get a Commercial Drone License by Lawyer & Pilot – [2019]

Are you interested in obtaining your "commercial drone license" so you can make some money or fly for your job?" If so, you are…
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